While what brings us to therapy is usually some specific problem, Individual Therapy offers us the opportunity to learn that there is a good deal more about ourselves than we had previously assumed to be true.

By talking about our lives, there is a lot that we can learn about our own selves and the situations we find ourselves to be in, as well as about the kinds of difficulties that we have with others and the strengths that reside within us.

Sometimes there are problems that we have with our own self-image and sense of self-worth. Through the exploration and understanding of therapy, we may discover that there are choices and possibilities  that previously we did not imagine that are able to spontaneously unfold. Pragmatic and realistic solutions to difficulties develop and naturally occur.

Allow me to help you find and get to know an Inner Guide that naturally exists and is already present within yourself.

I have been able to help others who would  answer  YES to ANY of these questions:

Have you ever had difficulty in choosing to be in a relationship with a person who is the right partner for you?
Do you or your spouse ever have frequent or recurring problems with your family or extended family?
Do you feel anxious or even panic on a regular basis or frequently in your life?
Do you feel limited by your self-image or  who you think that you are?
Do you have difficulty in making decisions?
Do you lack confidence to make a change in your life that is important to you?


I provide marriage and couples therapy services for people who wish to improve and clarify their relationship with each other. At the heart of any couple is the relationship itself. Have you noticed that in addition to your own personal needs, the relationship itself  is something that needs to be paid attention to and cared for?

I have extensive experience in helping families of all types  “ including families that are blended through second marriages, extended families, interracial, adoptive, gay and lesbian parents and their children, and families of single parents.

Can you answer YES to the following questions?

Do you find it difficult to talk about important things with your partner or spouse?

Have you ever feared “rocking the boat” in your relationship?

Does either anger or do recurring moods threaten the stability of your relationship?

Have you ever thought that your partner or spouse has either a drinking problem or an addiction to a drug of any kind?

Couples therapy is, fundamentally, relationship therapy. Too often, relationships break down because conversations that are important to have simply do not happen. When communication breaks down or is just difficult, or  when one of you walks out on the other, the problem remains – or even increases – and both of you feel demoralized.

From the relationship point of view and well-being:

It just doesn’t work to walk out on an argument.  Ask me how to turn an argument into a discussion from the “Perspective Of the Couple”.

Have you noticed?  It is easy to see your own point of view. However, can you see your partner’s perspective?

In couples or relationship therapy, I provide a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which people can talk and find new ways to reach each other. More than that, I also provide and teach skills so that each person can communicate in more productive and more satisfying ways than ever before.


People who come to couples therapy deserve tremendous credit for simply making the effort to show up. Over time, by “showing up” each of us can learn more about the other than we had assumed we had known. A deeper understanding and more rewarding relationship naturally develops.

“Showing Up” on a regular basis in Couples and Relationship Therapy, provides a sense of morale and well-being for the couple itself.  Each person experiences that they are important enough to the other  and that the relationship itself is important enough for their partner to “Show Up.”

Ask about my exercise: “The 15-Minute Conversation.”


A healthy family fulfills deep needs for tenderness, sharing and love.

A healthy family promotes healthy individual development and maturity.

When our family is healthy, our individuality flourishes and thrives. However, when our spouse or child is upset or troubled, there exists a stress that affects all members of our family.

I help families significantly improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis. Our own  maturity is tested with the relationships we have with our family members.

I work both with family members as a whole group and with individuals or components of the family in order to promote and improve safe and clear communication.

I support the love, respect, acceptance and integrity of each member of the family as a unique individual.

I also work with parents to help them with the different and specific tasks of relating that are essential in order to successfully negotiate and manage the different stages of their children’s lives.

I am results oriented!


I have extensive experience in working with clients of diverse backgrounds – including gay, lesbian, and transgender clients – with relationship issues, diversity issues and cultural differences, as well as with people seeking help with anger, feelings of loss of control, depression, addiction issues, anxiety and panic.


I have a specialty, as well, in working with adoption. I recognize that adoption includes an adoptive triad consisting of birth mothers, adoptive parents and the adoptees themselves. I have helped people in this area with loss, with parenting issues and concerns, with identity issues, and with the question of whether and how to search for biological parents.