Often, Individual Therapy begins by learning that there is a good deal more to know about ourselves than what we have previously assumed and taken for granted to be true.

By talking about our lives, there is a lot that we can learn about our own selves and the situations we find ourselves to be in, as well as about the kinds of difficulties that we have with others and the strengths that reside within us.

Common Problems:

  • • Problems we have with our self-image, our sense of inadequacy, and our overall self-worth.
  • • Problems we have with living a life that is basically calm – especially during times that are quite challenging and difficult.


  • • Develop an understanding of what it is that we have been taught in life that is not true and has led to the construction of a “False Self.”
  • • Develop an awareness of aspects of our conditioning (what we have been taught) that have led to automatic negative emotional reactions.
  • • Discover what is true and by doing so – increase our self-confidence, our internal freedom, and our overall stability, happiness, and peace.
  • • Discover choices and possibilities that are able to unfold spontaneously.
  • • Discover pragmatic and realistic solutions to difficulties that naturally emerge, the more you connect with your basic authenticity.

Developing, encouraging, and enhancing curiosity is a key as to how therapy works!

Allow me to help you find and better acquaint yourself with an inner guide – of simply what you, in your own experience, consider to be the truest part of yourself and is always present – even when you aren’t paying attention to it.

I have been able to help others who were able to answer YES to these questions:

  • • Have you ever had difficulty in choosing to be in a relationship with a person who is the right partner for you?
  • • Do you or your spouse ever have frequent or recurring problems with your family or extended family?
  • • Do you feel anxious or even panic on a regular basis or frequently in your life?
  • • Do you feel limited by who you think that you are?
  • • Do you have difficulty in making decisions?
  • • Do you lack confidence to make a change in your life that is important to you?
  • • Do you often have difficulty in trusting yourself?
  • • Do you look to the approval of others to inform you of your self-worth?

Examples of How I’ve Helped Individuals:

  • • A woman, in mid-life, with low self-confidence, due to having had an extremely critical and self-centered father, became effective in managing her organization and was able to transform a struggling work group into a thriving competitive business.
  • • A woman in her late 20s, who had never dated, due to severe anxiety about rejection, that originated due to problems related to having been adopted by a family with a rather cold and self-centered mother, developed the confidence and security within to becoming available to meeting a healthy man and beginning a thriving relationship.
  • • A man, in his early 30s with chronic depression, who was significantly underemployed, working three unfulfilling part-time jobs, returned to finish college and attain a graduate degree, to begin a career that was meaningful to him.
  • • A couple with 6 y/o twins and had been in routine conflict – due to each one feeling hurt by the way s/he was treated by the other – became able to see their relationship from the other person’s perspective over time, were able to decrease the amount of discord between them, and improved their overall quality of emotional and physical intimacy, as well as the harmony of their daily family life.
  • • A woman brought her husband, who was reluctant to attend and uninvolved in therapy. After a few sessions, when she discovered that he had been cheating on her during the course of therapy, she filed for divorce, and some months later, began dating and met a man with whom she was able to develop a satisfying long-term relationship.
  • • A couple with a toddler daughter, lived next door to the wife’s family of origin, and were bothered on a daily basis by the wife’s intrusive mother, who repeatedly demanded to see her granddaughter and interfered with their own child-rearing and parenting of their child. Eventually, after failing to come to terms and unable to set secure boundaries with the wife’s mother, they decided to move, and with some financial help from the husband’s parents, were able to buy their own home in a suburb 30 miles away, where they were much happier and able to lead a far more peaceful life.
  • • A lesbian, who had been unfulfilled in her casual dating life, due to attachment problems, that began in her own infancy and toddlerhood, was able to meet a loving partner, who she eventually married, lead a far more stable life. Her wife eventually conceived both a son and a daughter. Her previous low self-esteem, fell away and was transformed by a rewarding family life.