At the heart of any couple is the relationship itself.

Have you noticed that in addition to your own personal views and needs with respect to your partner, spouse, or even some other form of relationship, that it is the relationship that needs to be paid attention to and cared for?

Have you noticed that the relationship actually responds to the way that it is treated in exactly the same way someone else would respond to the way that she or he is treated?  The relationship either functions well – or it does not.

Can you answer YES to the following questions?

  • • Do you find it difficult to talk about important things with your partner or spouse?
  • • Have you ever feared “rocking the boat” in your relationship?
  • • Does anger or do moods threaten the stability of the relationship?
  • • Have you ever thought that your partner or spouse has a drinking problem or an addiction to a drug of any kind?

Couples therapy is, fundamentally, relationship therapy.

Too often, relationships break down because conversations that are important to have – simply do not happen. When communication breaks down or is just difficult – when one person walks out on the other, while both persons are upset, the problem remains or worsens and both people feel demoralized.

From the relationship’s point of view and well-being:  

It just doesn’t work to walk out on an argument.

Blame is toxic to any relationship.

Ask me how to turn an argument, blaming, or being blamed into a discussion that includes both persons’ perspectives – and the Perspective of the Couple.

In Couples or Relationship Therapy, I provide a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, in which people can talk and find new ways to reach each other.

I also provide and teach skills and tools with which each person can communicate in more productive and more satisfying ways than ever before.

Are you aware of a difference between communicating from the mind and communicating from the heart?


  • • People who come to couples and relationship therapy deserve tremendous credit for simply making the effort to be present for one another.
  • • Over time, by “showing up” – each of us can learn more about one another than we had previously assumed we had known.
  • • By “showing up” – we are open to the unknowns aspects of each other.
  • • By “showing up” – or by truly being present for the other – a deeper understanding and more rewarding relationship naturally grows develops and matures.
  • • “Showing Up” on a regular basis in Couples and Relationship Therapy, provides a sense of morale and well-being for the couple itself.  Each person experiences that they are important enough and that the relationship itself is important enough for their partner to “Show Up.”

Ask about my exercise: “The 15-Minute Empathic Conversation.”