Allow me to help you!

Allow me to introduce myself to you through this website.

On these pages, I’d like to acquaint you with my overall services and the kinds of psychotherapy and counseling that I practice:

  • • In-depth individual therapy – that addresses, and resolves the roots of your problems – so that they are unlikely to remain as obstacles in the future.
  • • Brief and short term-therapy – to develop a specific solution to a specific problem.
  • • Couples therapy – as a means to strengthen the bond of your couple and/or marriage.
  • • Family therapy – as a path toward restoring, rebuilding, and transforming family relationships.
  • • How to recognize and realize which aspects of your self and your life have been lived as false and not in accord with your deepest sense of who you are.
  • • How to develop your self, maturity, and presence through all of your life.
  • • How to transform your life so that you life so that it is lived in accord with your deepest values, with what you are becoming, and what you truly are.

Sometimes problems like depression, anxiety or insecurity lead to difficulties in making decisions, finding the correct direction in one’s life, being able to find and maintain a rewarding relationship, and staying too long in a career or job that is just not satisfying, interfering with the natural experience of happiness.

Is this you?